Travel Safety...
One Trip At A Time!
It it safe to travel? 
The only way a business or individual can genuinely answer this is with a written, personal travel risk assessment...
Intelligent Travel delivers individual and trip specific travel safety assessments for each and every journey. 

We analyse thousands of health, safety and security factors specific to you, your destination and trip, then we create personal travel safety assessments for individuals and the click of a button. 

Pay-per-use...just like all your other business travel expenses. NO long term contracts or membership fees!

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Every Traveller Is Different, Every Journey Different 
And Every Destination Is Different...
So Too Are Our Personal Travel Safety Assessments
Over 22
Individual Safety Metrics
Over 5,000
Travel Safety Charts
Over 10 Billion
Unique Combinations
Unique Benefits Provided By Intelligent Travel
Personal Travel Safety Analysis
Each and every traveller, their journey, activity and proposed destination is analysed with a personal Journey Safety Analysis [JSA], with a full location and safety shared online for each trip, regardless of whether it is for business or leisure.
Only pay for what you use, when you need it.Each journey, analysis and support service is designed to be consumed in much the same way other travel services are, such as accommodation, transport, flights, etc.Claim back our support services as part of your travel expense for business, or add it to your holiday travel budget.
Destination Specific
Only pay for what you use, when you need it.Each journey, analysis and support service is designed to be consumed in much the same way other travel services are, such as accommodation, transport, flights, etc.Claim back our support services as part of your travel expense for business, or add it to your holiday travel budget.
Online Support
Chat online with our support and travel safety specialists. No more having to call or email, just engage our online chat system and get answers, support and advice as you need. Desktop and mobile device compatible. 
Online Travel Booking Integration
At the same time your travel agent/manager is booking your travel, our travel safety assessment is running in the background [in real time] providing you a personal, trip specific travel safety analysis. We also include maps, advice, news and other destination resources. 
Travel Agency Integration
No matter the size of the travel agency, we support the travel managers with our travel health, safety, security and risk management advice. Supporting one customer or thousands, we work together with travel agencies, enhancing their customer services/experience. 
Travel Safety Management
Based on workplace safety and international risk management standards, our systems and services are built around these legal and operational benchmarks. We create, manage and deliver ‘safe work systems‘, inclusive to the activity of business travel.
Products & Services
Personal Travel Safety Analysis

We are constantly monitoring and analysing thousands of pieces of information, hazards, reviews, assessments, events and changes specific to your location. We then evaluate your level of preparedness and experience, to create a personal travel safety analysis, consistent with international safety legislation and risk-based analysis.
This unique, tailored evaluation helps you and/or your company determine if the journey is 'safe' enough with the current controls and support in place, or directs you to the key areas in which you may require more specific preparations/experience/support for this journey, in order for the trip to be both successful and as safe as practicable. This is done for each and every traveller, each and every trip, and the travel safety analysis is unique to each of these specific journeys, taken at the specified/planned time.

Pre Travel Safety

Even before you have undertaken a planned or proposed trip, we are analysing all the booking, personal, business, destination and event factors likely to affect you and your journey directly. This is part of our "foreseeable risk" evaluation.
This process contributes to reducing, eliminating or correcting over 90% of negative, preventable travel health, safety and security incidents for ever even happening. Reducing the costs associated with insurance claims, loss, emergency assistance and other post-incident interventions. Each of these pre-travel evaluations are once again, specific to the traveller, journey and destination and unique for each trip.

Travel Safety Monitoring

Rather than using old and outdated travel itinerary booking systems, companies of all shapes and sizes can monitor the actual location of their employees or travellers, in real time.
Monitor mobile employees and contractor's safety, travel progress, arrivals/departures, speed, battery charge and more from a single business travel safety monitoring system. Only pay for the number of users active each month. Works with most smartphones and many satellite phones.

Data --> Information --> Knowledge --> Wisdom
We Provide The Content And Advice You Need, Specific To Your Travel, So You Can Make More Informed Decisions To Ensure Safe And Rewarding Journeys
Travel Safety Management

A compliant, legal 'safe work system' that includes travel requires a number of interoperable and complementary systems. This cannot be outsourced! We provide the baseline documentation that all businesses require, to fulfil their obligations and ability to implement a travel safety management system for their mobile workers. Our systems provide many of the travel safety management services required, that enables a company to focus on their core business efforts, while we support and service their travel safety management requirements. It is important to note that we compliment and support their travel safety management, it is NOT POSSIBLE for any service provider or third party to replace this company safety obligation and/or duty of care.

Education & Training

Our greatest investment is in the education and preparedness of travellers, managers and providers. By continuously sharing our expert advice and collective resources, we are able to raise the level of preparedness and capability of travellers and their company, to ensure their travel is more profitable, efficient and safer.
We provide a range of online, interactive and face-to-face education and training solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Delivering either purpose designed content, tailored educational materials or resources already in use by your company, we are able to integrate and share these valuable lessons across the entire company.

Travel Safety Tracking

In the same way you share your location with family and friends, you can select to share your location with our travel safety support team, using your own phone, an array of mobile apps, and you choose when to turn it on or off.
Whether you are travelling for business, on holidays, a lone worker or just need the assurance that someone knows where you are and where you are going to, pretty anywhere around the world. Works with most smartphones and many satellite phones.

If you can't prove's not SAFE!
If your travel safety assessment is not unique to you, your journey and your specific is NOT a safety nor risk management compliant
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